“I was feeling confused about all the different options for losing weight and getting healthy. Join a meal program, track your food, don’t eat carbs, don’t eat fat, join a weight loss program, get a trainer… so many options and I was feeling overwhelmed because I’ve done them all before, and yet here I am. I need to make lifetime changes, which starts with figuring out why I do what I do in order to make changes to my brain. I want to learn how to make healthy choices on my own and using real everyday food that will be sustainable for years, not just eat what’s in the cardboard box every meal. I needed someone who would help me identify my bad habits and help me break them and Beth has been amazing in her approach to figuring that all out.”

— Dina R., College Park, MD


September 11, 2020

Dina R

“Beth is so much more than a yoga teacher and wellness coach. Beth is a true and authentic listener. She asks relevant and thoughtful questions. She is gifted at getting to the source of the problem whether that is emotional eating or misinformation. Beth takes her time and thinks before she acts or suggests feedback. She takes a client-centered approach and this is her core value. If you are seeking basic nutritional advice, yoga basics, or you are simply just interested in becoming a bit more self-aware, Whole Beeing is a wonderful place to start.”

— Jocelyn K., Baltimore, MD


September 11, 2020

“As someone who has been extremely active my whole life, I was struggling with how I felt in my body now that my long days of 3 hour practices and weight training were over. I was yo-yoing between strict diets that did not seem to help and emotional eating after a tough day. After one session with Beth, (ONE!) I swear my life was changed. After listening to me for just 30 minutes, she had suggested two small changes to my day to day and I felt better almost immediately. Over the following weeks, we have worked to continue facilitating strong foundations that build a focus of self care and understanding throughout my day to day.”

— Veronica F., Washington, DC


September 11, 2020

Veronica F., Washington, DC

  Hello from a social media-less me! As you may know, I’m in the midst of a little break from social media to cultivate more space in my day-to-day, so I thought it would be wise to share what I’ve learned thus far with those who are curious.  For some food for thought to get […]


October 31, 2019

My Social Media Break ~ What I’ve Noticed Thus Far

  Picture this. You’re sitting on your sofa and you’re feeling sick to your stomach. You just ate dinner, turned on the TV and decided to go downstairs to the vending machine of your apartment building because why not get a few snacks? You get a “healthier” chip option (Lays baked potato chips to be […]

Emotional Eating, Mindfulness

October 31, 2019

What to do After an Emotional Eating Episode: 5 Simple Steps

Scenario 1: You get out of work and you feel super stressed. The day was awful, people were mean, you barely had time to eat lunch because a project you’ve been working you butt off on took a turn for the worse, and you’re just plain tired. You leave work, spot a dominos across the […]

Meal Prep

August 7, 2019

Meal Prep as an Emotional Eating Tool

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