move with intention

Roll out your yoga mat and give back to your mind, body, and heart

Live, on-demand, and private yoga options are available for you to meet yourself right where you are and feel empowered along your yoga journey.

This practice has brought so much peace, grounding, joy, and presence into my life and I cannot wait to share it with you.

Yoga Library of 120+ on-demand classes with 1-2 new practices added weekly

20% off virtual workshops

10% off in-person and virtual privates

Unlimited On-Demand Library Subscription | $30/month

Feel supported by your practice wherever you are, whenever you need it. The on-demand Yoga Library is the home of a variety of 120+ classes ranging from restorative goodness to fiery vinyasa flows for you to enjoy on your own time. Browse the library, purchase a class that speaks to you individually, or sign up for the Unlimited On-Demand Library subscription for unlimited access to all on-demand practices! 

On-Demand Classes

$120/60-minute In-person session
$90/60-MINUTE virtual SESSION

Class pack options available

Whether you're a long-time practitioner or practicing yoga for the first time, be met right where you are with private instruction thoughtfully tailored to you,  your needs, and your goals class-to-class, moment-to-moment. Private sessions are truly so near and dear to my heart and just make my heart beam! Feel fully seen and supported on your mat and infuse your daily life with self-care, grounding, joy, and peace. You deserve it. Schedule your session today!

Private Sessions

On-Demand Subscribers & Monthly Members receive 10% off!

Infuse your workspace with mindfulness, support the well-being of your employees through stress reduction and improved immune function, and increase productivity by making yoga a part of your employee benefits. Bringing yoga and mindful well-being into your workplace uniquely positions you to support both your employee’s health and your bottom line, and corporations such as AT&T, Chase, Manhattan Bank, NASA, Sony, HBO, Apple, Toyota, and Nike have already seen the benefits of yoga in effect. Virtual and in-person yoga sessions, wellness workshops, and event options are here for you. I can’t wait to support the health and well-being of you and your team! 

Corporate Yoga & Wellness

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