Words from the Heart

Coaching Clients

“I had no idea what to expect working with someone like Beth. Was she going to be a therapist? a motivational coach? a mentor? She has been all that and much more. “

“I was feeling confused about all the different options for losing weight and getting healthy. Join a meal program, track your food, don't eat carbs, don't eat fat, join a weight loss program, get a trainer... so many options and I was feeling overwhelmed because I've done them all before, and yet here I am. I need to make lifetime changes, which starts with figuring out why I do what I do in order to make changes to my brain. I want to learn how to make healthy choices on my own and using real everyday food that will be sustainable for years, not just eat what's in the cardboard box every meal. I needed someone who would help me identify my bad habits and help me break them and Beth has been amazing in her approach to figuring that all out.  

I had no idea what to expect working with someone like Beth. Was she going to be a therapist? a motivational coach? a mentor? She has been all that and much more. I was totally impressed with Beth's breadth of knowledge and understanding about so many issues I had experienced myself. In my very first meeting with her she encouraged me to make 2 small changes in my breakfast. I was amazed at how those 2 easy changes could result in such a significant impact on the rest of my day. I felt satisfied, sustained, and motivated with 2 small changes. That's when I knew Beth knew what she was doing and had the experience to teach me in the ways I learn best. She has not only been knowledgeable and professional, but has been like a friend. She has encouraged me in ways my own mother hasn't. I truly look forward to my time with Beth. She makes me feel supported and capable, and she has so many ideas, tips, and knowledge to share.” 

— Dina R.

“My coaching sessions with Beth were one of the best things I have ever done for myself! I originally reached out to Beth because I was seeking a nutritionist. I wanted to lose weight and wanted guidance on what to eat and what to avoid. 

The first week or two we talked a lot about food but never about a specific diet. Instead, Beth encouraged me to focus on foods that made me feel good, not restrict myself of anything, and finding better times to eat my favorite foods as opposed to cutting the out completely. My entire thought process on food shifted into a much healthier perspective and I wasn't constantly thinking about the foods I can and cannot have. 

The food talk was important to me but over the weeks of our phone calls, our conversations shifted away from just food and more into my overall lifestyle and who I am . We talked about fitness, work, family, relationships, emotions, health, everything! Beth is so easy to talk to and our conversations easily flowed from one topic to the next. I always look forward to our phone calls and feel calm and at peace after chatting with her. 

Beth gives so much helpful advice but understands not everything will work for every body. Her recommendations never come across forceful or mandated, but more of a try it out and see how it feels type of a suggestion. I have always considered myself a positive person but after my sessions with Beth, I feel constantly optimistic and feel in control of my own life. 

Beth is amazing!”

— Kara H.

I could not be more grateful of Beth's time and energy. These past few weeks have made me a happier, more grounded person. I cannot wait to see what the next weeks have in store!”

 “When I signed up for my first conversation with Beth, I was looking for help with my relationship to food and exercise. As someone who has been extremely active my whole life, I was struggling with how I felt in my body now that my long days of 3 hour practices and weight training were over. I was yo-yoing between strict diets that did not seem to help and emotional eating after a tough day. After one session with Beth, (ONE!) I swear my life was changed. After listening to me for just 30 minutes, she had suggested two small changes to my day to day and I felt better almost immediately. Over the following weeks, we have worked to continue facilitating strong foundations that build a focus of self care and understanding throughout my day to day. Each week I have been met with positive reinforcement and accountability. She has helped me see the wins (big and small) and dive deeper into challenges I am facing.

— Veronica F.

Yoga Clients

“I’ve been lucky enough to have had Beth as a yoga coach for a few years now. Through her classes, I have not only grown my practice, physical strength, and flexibility, but I have experienced invaluable personal growth as well.

Beth’s Live yoga classes—which she so kindly uploads for those of us who might be stuck on a lunchtime work meeting—have been a constant source of relaxation, challenge, and focus over the past few months. Her online presence has served as the ultimate unifier, allowing me to share the practice with friends who are living across the globe, connecting us across time zones and mindsets to come to our mats and share our practice together. My friends have commented that Beth’s practice is hard and sweat-inducing, yet completely accessible, catering to yogis of all levels and anatomies of all kinds.

One of Beth’s teachings that I have constantly applied both on and off my mat is simple: breathe into discomfort, rather than run from it. That mantra holds more true today than ever before, as we all continue to navigate these unexpected and discomforting times. She reminds us to appreciate our own accomplishments, however small, and to remember to show up not only for others, but for ourselves. Even on the most difficult days, I always know that I can return to my mat and to Beth’s reassuring words that, at the end of the day, we’re all just doing our best.”

— Sarah S.

“Beth's live classes have been many things for me over the last several months - a source of joy, a physical and mental outlet, and an opportunity for stability and consistency in my practice. 

But more importantly why I continue to practice with Beth is because of who she is - as a human, as a teacher, and as a friend. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about the asana practice and other elements of yoga, but her compassion and care for every single person who joins shines through in her teaching. She encourages you to be exactly where you are. The effort she puts in is clear in every aspect of class - from meaningful intentions, to unique and amazing sequences, to highlighting the importance of the off-the-mat practice. It's truly holistic. I can't recommend her classes enough. Simply put - I just love them!”

— Haley B.

“I have been attending Beth's virtual yoga classes since the pandemic started and they have done wonders for bringing calm and balance to an otherwise hectic and uncertain new way of life. As a healthcare professional with an unpredictable schedule, I look forward to any chance I get to join in on a class live or play a saved video later on. No matter my mood heading into a class, I always leave it with a new and improved outlook on the day ahead of me and feel ready to tackle anything (or perhaps just stay in shavasana a little while longer). Beth encourages her students to adapt each practice to whatever their body needs that day. She always offers alternative poses to facilitate this as well. Beth has a knack for creating a welcoming and bright environment which makes you feel as though you are right in the room with her. My body and mind are incredibly thankful for Beth and her amazing classes!”

— Deirdre K. 

“I can’t say enough good things about Beth as a teacher. Her classes are so well balanced. You’ll leave feeling grounded, fulfilled and definitely sweaty. Especially in these current mentally and physically trying times, Beth’s teaching has been a rare source of comfort and joy. No matter how many people are present, she makes the experience both intimate and communal, always bringing breath and posture back to a powerful intention. Her teaching is thoughtful and clear, and she offers plenty of variations, making the practice accessible to most levels. The classes are consistently challenging, inspiring, and fun!”

— Ruby M.

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